The Jyoti Bhatt Archive

Jyoti Bhatt, Bhupen Khakhar in Sayaji Baug gardens, Vadodara, 1983
Since 2017, Cara’s Director has worked closely with the archive of one of India’s most important modern artists, Jyoti Bhatt, and since 2019 Cara continues to work in a consultancy capacity for this archive for the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP). Our work with the archive has included the management of its digitisation, cataloguing and preservation strategy, concerning over 60,000 negatives and 2,000 prints. We also curated the first major retrospective of the artist's photographic work, as well as researched, edited and wrote the exhibition catalogue, for whom we collaborated with the award-winning design firm, TSK Design, on a print publication, Time, & Time Again, published by the museum. As an ongoing project, we continue to develop digital public engagement strategies with the archive.
The MAP Academy is a ground-breaking initiative to transform the approach to teaching and sharing knowledge surrounding the history of art in India. One of Cara Consulting’s most ambitious and long-term projects to date, we have been involved right from the inception of the project, which we manage end-to-end. In addition to researching and writing a comprehensive curriculum for the arts, which is delivered through rich media content online, we’re also developing an online encyclopedia as well as interactive timelines, bibliographies, glossaries and resource databases for students, educators and scholars. Working with various partners and collaborators, our role includes everything from branding, research, content development, design and development, as well as overseeing the work of the team, partnerships, sustainability of the project and its scalability.
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